I don’t like to get all superstitious about sports. But it seems that all sports fans get that way after a while. And I’m fully aware of how foolish it sounds to think that something that I did, or did not do, has any impact on a game played all the way across the country. Yet I can’t help dwelling on that…

Notre Dame won last night!

All season long, I have made a careful effort to watch the game, wear my game-day shirt, and all of that.

Yesterday, since the game was on so late, I intended to change into the shirt later. Never happened.

When it was time for the game, I was on the phone with my mom. She is also an Irish fan (I learned from the best!) and she turned on her TV, only to discover that ABC was not televising Notre Dame, but Ohio State. We quickly got off the phone to scroll through the sports stations on our satellites, trying to find the game. I don’t know if she found it, but I never did.

First game all season I didn’t get to watch. I didn’t dress for the occasion. And NOW they win.

So, next game–do I stay away?

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