What’s Cooking?

Danielle is collecting recipes in her comment box today. She’s looking for the easy kind. The kind where you don’t really even have to MEASURE. The kind that have simple, easy-to-keep-on-hand ingredients. So far, there are some good ideas over there. I’m going back tomorrow to copy the best ones!

And in case you’ve missed it, my family favorite recipes are posted here. Because I believe a good recipe is meant to be used and shared.

I used to help out in the kitchen when my kids’ school (2 schools ago) had Bingo. I met a lot of wonderful senior citizens from the parish who were on my Bingo team. There was one lady who made The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake Ever. Now, I am not a big cake eater, but this cake was phenomenal. She would make one for Bingo each week, and two during the parish carnival to be donated to the “spin the wheel and win a cake” game. People would stalk her to the cake booth and try to win her cake. When she would show up at Bingo with the cake, we’d have an immediate rush to the kitchen. Everyone begged for the recipe and she would never give it out. She said she didn’t even share it with her own children. She probably took that fabulous recipe to the grave with her. What a shame.

Don’t keep your recipes close to the vest! If someone likes what you make and wants to make it at their home, that’s a big compliment to you.

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