Too Much Fun In Her Weekend

All play and no sleep makes Middle Sister miserable on Monday.

She had a busy weekend! Friday evening she and her BFF went to a dance for middle-schoolers that is held at Big Brother’s high school. Then they had an “awake-over” at BFF’s house.

I picked her up late Saturday afternoon and when we got home, TheDad told Middle Sister that another friend had called. She was being invited to attend a Halloween festival in a nearby town, and to sleep over afterward.

I discourage Saturday-night sleepovers and as a rule don’t permit back-to-back overnights either. We’ve discovered that these things come back to bite Middle Sister in the immune system, and that usually on Tuesday morning she is not feeling well, has a mild sore throat, sometimes even a low fever, and winds up absent from school.

But it was a “special occasion” so I was convinced to let her go. Sunday we picked her up at 9:15 for Mass, then changed our clothes and headed for the 125-mile-each-way trip to visit my parents.

She spent most of the day snoozing on my parents’ living-room couch. She slept all the way there and all the way home. And this morning she did not feel well. The only surprise there is that today is Monday, not Tuesday.

I made sure she ate breakfast, gave her ibuprofen, and sent her to school. She knew I’d be in the building this morning for my weekly library time. I was actually surprised that I wasn’t called to come and get her during that time. And then I headed home, only to hear the cell phone ring as I waited for a red light to change. Pulling into a nearby parking lot, I told the school nurse that I’d turn right around to come and get my daughter.

Now she and a drink and a blanket are parked on the couch. There’s going to be a Really Early Bedtime tonight. I’m sure that in the morning she’ll be good as new.

But when your kid’s this miserable, you don’t even enjoy being able to gloat.

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