Holiness, Little Brother Style

Little Brother has yet to learn the virtue of moderation when it comes to holy water. Apparently he believes that in this case, more is always better.
Yesterday on our way out of church, I watched him dunk his whole hand into the holy-water font and then run it over his hair on the way to his forehead before continuing with the sign of the cross. His head was really wet, and so was his shirt. (Big Brother thought this was really funny.)
Being a little boy with a conveniently-located head, he finds himself in the position to have his head rubbed a lot. It’s much nicer after a fresh haircut, but TheDad and I like to rub his head anytime. He likes it too. After dinner tonight, he was hanging around my chair and I rubbed his head for a second until I noticed something a little damp in his hair.
“Do I want to know what’s in his hair?” I asked.
Big Brother answered, “It’s probably holy water.”

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