Sister Hits the Nail on the Head

Remember the Carol Burnett Show, when Tim Conway would play the old man who shuffled everywhere he walked, an inch at a time?

One of the Sisters at our parish walks at about the same speed.

Today it was snowing when we left church after daily Mass, and she started creeping her way to the convent (a little more than a block away from church). I pulled over and offered her a ride, as I usually do when the weather’s bad and she’s at church.

I might have to stop that, though, because I had to almost lift her into the van this time. My van is just too high for her to get into easily.

On our way over to the convent, she asked how my children were doing and how old they are now. “They’re lucky to have a mother,” she said just as we pulled up to her doorway. “With all that abortion and everything, so many babies are just never born anymore.”

And yet Catholics are supporting the likes of Hillary and Obama for President this year.

I think the Kitchen Madonna and her Apron-Mom Brigade are cooking up ways to do something about that.

Somebody has to. Too many lives depend on it.

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