The Return of the Food Police

Little Brother’s classroom has once again been visited by the Food Police.

I honestly think that I pack him a reasonably healthy lunch and snack every day. Today he brought:
water to drink (he also buys grape juice at school each day)
turkey sandwich on a potato roll
baby carrots
money to buy a soft pretzel
3 chocolate-covered pretzels (handmade with love by one of SFO Girl’s daughters)

It’s that last item that got him in trouble. 3 pretzels dipped in some melted chocolate chips. Big Brother wanted to take some to school too, but chose not to because he figured his friends would all steal them and he’d have none for himself.

Little Brother’s teacher told him that he should not bring chocolate pretzels to school. He came home with the bag of pretzels still in the lunchbox.

I wonder if they can’t bring those chocolate-covered granola bars. What about chocolate-chip cookies? Girl-Scout-cookie Thin Mints?

I bet if I sent him to school with a Capri Sun, Trix, a Lunchable, Twinkies and Cheez Doodles, no one would bat an eye.

I wouldn’t have to do all this fretting and packing if only the school would get a decent hot-lunch program, one that charges less than $3 a day for nothing but the entree and maybe some French fries or a bag of chips. (That’s right: $3 will get you a hoagie and chips, or cheesesteak and chips, or chicken nuggets and fries. No fruit. No salad. No vegetable. No dessert.) Needless to say, we don’t buy too many hot lunches.

As Little Brother would say, this is “ridiclious.”

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