Homemade Taste–It’s In There!

Little Brother is pestering negotiating for Adventure Boy to be allowed to eat dinner here.

“I’m sorry; I don’t have any extra today.” I told him.

I have had to go through this with all the kids, who do not seem to understand that it’s not a great idea to ask your parents if your friend can eat over when:
(a) dinner is in an hour or less
(b) Mom has already started cooking
(c) your friend is right there standing next to you
(d) all of the above.

My general policy is an automatic “no” to such requests, and I have let all the kids know that. I don’t occasionally mind the kids having friends over for dinner, but Adventure Boy would eat here every night of the week if I’d only set him a place at the table.

But anyway….Little Brother whined that I’m mean and that I never let Adventure Boy eat over (not true–he’s here about once a week for a meal).

I replied, “I’m sorry. The meat is already out of the freezer and I don’t have any extra.”

Little Brother thought about that and then said, “I have an idea! Adventure Boy can eat here, and I’ll eat something homemade.”

Middle Sister turned around and informed him, “Everything Mom cooks is homemade. She already told you that your friend can’t eat over tonight. Go play.”

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