We speak different languages

We are a three-guitar (and one organ, one keyboard and one banjo) household.

Big Brother is trying hard to teach himself electric guitar by downloading tablature from the internet. Since I have a 12-string Ovation, I generally only play “by the chords” so I can’t be much help to him.

Now he’s thinking about playing with the choir at church. I had offered to write out a few simple bass lines for him. But he wants me to write them in tabs, not notes. I read music; he doesn’t. So I don’t do tabs.

I tried what I thought was a brilliant parting shot: “I bet Andres Segovia doesn’t play by tabs!”

He didn’t know who Andres Segovia is.

“Only the Best Guitarist Of All Time,” I told him.

He disagreed.

“He is SO better than Jimi Hendrix,” I said.

“But what about Jimmy Page?” he countered.

We need to get Nintendo to put some Segovia into Guitar Hero. Maybe that would convince him.

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