Stuff I Don’t Do

Every mom has an unwritten list of stuff she doesn’t “do” and I am no exception.

Danielle and Aimee have crossed over to the other side graciously written out their lists so every other mom will feel that she is not alone.

So…I will hereby demonstrate just how much of a Slacker Mom I really am.

I don’t do window screens. I can’t figure out how to get them out of the windows, which I admit I don’t wash too frequently either.

I don’t clean things that are higher than my head. I’m 5’2″. A lot of things are higher than my head. I just chuck stuff up there and pretend it’s invisible.

I don’t do “outside.” Inside the house is generally my domain.

I don’t do insects. That’s what TheDad is for; if he’s not around, I can generally count on Adventure Boy!

I don’t dust if I can at all help it. Lucky for me, Middle Sister likes to dust. When I was growing up, my sister had very bad asthma, and it seems like Mom was ALWAYS making me dust. I figure I’ve done enough dusting for one lifetime.

I don’t vacuum behind furniture, except in the family room. If we ever move, I shudder to think of the size of the dust bunnies that must be living back there.

(I do iron, though. But not the kids’ uniforms, once I discovered what they do with them in between the time I iron the clothes and the kids put them on.)

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