OK, it’s not much. But I’m happy with it.

This morning I made a “Stuff-Mart” run to pick up some over-the-counter medicines, TheDad’s “Chick Coffee” (this chick won’t touch that stuff, but he loves it, so I graciously buy it for him, even though the checkout lady probably thinks I’m the one addicted to it…) and a new mop head.

I hate changing mop heads. Ewwwww.

Anyway, when I was rummaging around in the mops I found this really cool Libman Scrub-Brush-On-A-Stick. Let me be the first to say that this thing is a GENIUS idea. My kitchen floor (which is white–somebody smack me if I ever choose that color for a floor again) was bordering on the disgusting, so I knew that this scrubber was for me. Definitely worth $6.

So I took my new Scrub-Brush-On-A-Stick and a bucket of Lestoil and got to scrubbing. Then I took my old mop and another bucket of water so I could rinse as I go. I scrubbed and scrubbed. Scrubbing is a really good workout, I might add.

If Lestoil didn’t smell so strong, it wouldn’t work so good. (Can you sing that commercial jingle, too?) Well, it sure does smell; I’m glad the windows are open–but my floor is so clean. So shiny.

They are guaranteed to stay that way at least one more hour, until the school bus gets here. All bets are off after that.

So I think I have earned the opportunity to make myself a nice cup of coffee and put my feet up and read until that school bus arrives. And then I will greet everyone and force them to admire my nice shiny clean floor.

And then I won’t let anyone in the kitchen, so no one can spill. Yeah, that’ll work…

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