Prayer Requests

On my heart today:

My father-in-law, who needs heart valve replacement surgery, and who is NOT going to like the recovery…he will not be able to go out each day and get his coffee and his paper and chat with the other retired guys and roam Home Depot…may he be restored to his full health so he can get back to his regular routine and return to building computers for his friends.

SFO Girl’s daughter N, who should be released from the hospital today. I pray that a donor kidney will be found soon so that her time on dialysis will be short. I also keep her family, especially her sisters, in prayer at this time.

Barbara’s dear friend Jill.

All those in the path of Hurricane Ike, including Milehimama and some members of Denise’s family. Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle has a prayer for those in the hurricane’s path.

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