Help! I’m Nag-Impaired!

Big Brother’s high school uses this convenient online service that allows parents to spy on their kids’ grades keep a check on their children’s academic progress.

It’s a nice idea, because a parent can check out test grades, homework completion, and participation.

It’s a nice idea when the site works.

We’re two weeks into the school year and I can’t access any data on my son’s progress for this year. According to the website, there have been no assignments or tests to date.

Today I contacted the school’s tech support person and explained the problem, and I got this reply:

We apologize for the inconvenience; however, we are awaiting a necessary update which needs to be done by the Diocese in order for ParentConnect to work for this year. Please be patient while we work with the Diocese to get this done. Thank you.

Did the Diocese not realize that school started 2 weeks ago? Whose idea was it to wait until school started to make sure things were updated?

If the site doesn’t do what it’s designed to do, I have to assume that all homework is being done and all tests have been preceded by proper study. I need this site–it helps me nag!

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