Respect Life Sunday

In my house, every day is Respect Life Day.

But anyway.

In this country, after Tuesday, no day is Respect Life Day. Our President-elect has promised to sign into law the most anti-life legislation this country has ever known.

Barbara at Praying for Grace has shared a beautiful prayer asking St. Francis’ intercession for the cause of life. Please join me in praying this prayer, today and every day until it becomes unnecessary–until abortion in our nation is once again considered an unthinkable and unattainable thing; until it is considered a crime; until it is called what it really is–murder.

Respect for Life Prayer
Gentle St. Francis
you were so devoted to the humanity of Christ.
Your heart burst with appreciation toward God
for taking on human life.
You saw beauty and goodness in all living things –
in birds that sing,
the fish that fill our waters,
and all that lives in nature.

Help us to imitate your reverence for life
wherever it may be.
Especially, humble Francis of Assisi,
help us to help others
to see the worth of each living,
unborn baby sheltered in its mother’s womb.

May all mankind have the grace
to understand that these tiny,
budding lives have the right to life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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