Feels Like Monday

I always get messed up on these long weekends. I am convinced that it is Monday today.

Little Brother made a bet with his uncle on the Eagles game this weekend. If the Eagles lost, Little Brother would have to wear a NY Giants t-shirt for a whole week. Well, you know that the Eagles lost. Little Brother does not own a Giants shirt but his uncle was happy to provide him with one! Other than school, he is wearing that shirt and even hiding it so I can’t wash it. (I found the hiding place, though…don’t worry! No stinky Little Brothers allowed around here!) I’m glad that he is being a little man and living up to his end of the agreement. Maybe he will think twice before gambling again.

There are a lot of errands to run today and it is NOT warm out. I could put some off until later in the week and hope for a warmer day, but I have to do some today, so while I’m out I may as well just get it all done. One of those errands is re-registering Big Brother for school. He will be a senior next year. I have to go to the school with the forms and the very last school-bus application I will ever write for him, and of course a large check.

And it promises to be a busy week in basketball for Middle Sister. Practice tomorrow, game Thursday, game Saturday, game Sunday. Fortunately her jammed finger from last week is all better. She’s already talking about softball for the spring.

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