Every Little Thing

It seems like I’m just busy with who knows what.

Today we’re hangin’ at home; TheDad and Big Brother are trying to repair the computer Grandpop built for the kids 4 years ago. Looks like the power $upply is toasted. Much frustration, vacuuming of dust bunnies at the computer desk, and use of teeny tiny screwdrivers.

Little Brother and two friends are watching Spongebob and making projects with perler beads.

Middle Sister is trying to earn cash for an unknown purchase. She knows what she wants to buy, but will not say, because she thinks I will say no. Whatever it is costs $50. She is washing and vacuuming TheDad’s car for $10.

I’ve been enjoying the Top 500 Classic Rock Songs of all time (listener-voted). You can listen online if you’re not in the Philly area. It’s not to be missed!

Our choir sang at the 5:00 Mass yesterday–it was our “switch week” for the month. Although the music director insists that the people at the church where we have 5:00 Mass are more “traditional” in their musical tastes, we get an awful lot of people complimenting us on their way out after Mass. We may not be a “technically perfect” choir but we make up for that in enthusiasm. When we sing “Glory to God” we mean it.

Middle Sister was sent for blood work and a CAT scan because the doctor is mystified by her headaches, which she’s complained of almost daily for at least 6 weeks. For the most part they’re not debilitating but they do cramp her style. Prayers would be appreciated!

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