Homemaker’s Lament

Boy, have I gotten behind on certain household chores: namely, mopping the floors. It’s not like there is a huge amount of floor to mop, but for some reason I dread this job. It’s a bath and a half, a very small foyer and a small kitchen, so probably we are talking about less than 200 square feet that need mopping.

But it was time. I couldn’t sweep under the kitchen table because of some mysterious and unreported spill. Another unreported spill took place by the one-foot-length of counter space between the stove and fridge. I have my suspicion on what that was, but whatever was spilled under the table remains a mystery–and it took a long time to scrub up, too.

Now what I want to know is: why are there whole sunflower seeds in that unreachable space behind the toilet in the powder room? If I know whom to blame, I know who gets to scrub that spot by hand after school, since the mop just can’t quite get it.

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