It’s Starting Already

Adventure Boy has two more full weeks of school, but that’s not stopping him.

Tonight he rang the doorbell here at 8 PM, looking to play with Little Brother. His older sister was with him.

First-graders should not be looking for playmates at 8 PM! They should be at home, getting their showers and putting on pajamas and brushing teeth and reading a little before bed.

And I suspect that the adults in charge of Adventure Boy are well aware of this, but it’s easier for them to let him come up here and have me tell him that it’s time for him to be heading home, rather than have to fight that battle themselves. (They’ve admitted as much to me in the past, on numerous occasions.) I’m tired of having to be the grownup for this little boy.

He needs prayers, and so do his grownups. I guess I’m one of his grownups, so I’d appreciate some too.

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