…and they’re back!

We got back yesterday, but it was just too crazy around here for me to write.

I am currently recharging my camera battery so that I can plug the camera into the computer and retrieve my photos. Rechargeable batteries might be more “green” and everything, but the cost of having a second one is prohibitive. I JUST made it through vacation with enough battery life. Next time I guess I’ll have to pack the charger.

For our vacation we went on a 5-day cruise to eastern Canada. The ship stopped at Saint John, New Brunswick as well as Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a little hard to tell where the ship stopped, however, because of the fog. We sailed into the fog sometime Tuesday and spent the next three days listening to the foghorn every two minutes and fifteen seconds. Middle Sister and her friends timed the intervals between foghorn blasts. If you were up on the mini-golf course with Little Brother (who bugged TheDad to take him to mini-golf approximately every two minutes and fifteen seconds), the blasts could practically knock you off your feet. Most of our vacations involve bad weather of one kind or another, so this year’s fog was really no surprise.

Tuesday was my birthday, and waking up on my birthday with an ocean view was pretty terrific. The food, of course, was also terrific, and I’ve given a rundown on the food at my Fridge.

I brought you back a souvenir from vacation! I wish I could have gotten enough for everyone. Since I couldn’t do that, let’s have a contest. The souvenir is a cookbook! To be exact, it’s a church cookbook from Saint John, New Brunswick, titled “Come Join Us in our Maritime Church Kitchen.” Anyone leaving a comment on this post is automatically entered in the drawing for this cookbook. If you’d like two bonus entries, email me with your favorite church-cookbook recipe (not just the title of the recipe–the whole recipe). My email address is available on my links page. The contest deadline is Friday, August 7 at NOON Eastern time.

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