Sweetest Church Moment Ever

One of our choir members has three-year-old twin boys. To her credit, she brings them to church, and they are gradually getting better about that, and more verbal all at the same time–which means they are running around less, but talking more.

At home, she has been teaching them the Lord’s Prayer during their bedtime prayers, and they are encouraged to pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud when we all do that at Mass. But like all little kids, they haven’t figured out that we don’t say “Amen” right away–the priest has his own “solo” in the middle and then we finish off. So every week we hear two cute little voices saying, “A-MEN” just as Father begins his prayer.

Apparently she’s been adding on to the bedtime prayers lately, because today, the boys chimed in, “A-MEN! God bless Mommy, and Daddy, and…”

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