We Don’t Want Any

…nanny state, that is.

I’m getting tired of the government’s efforts to protect people from their own stupidity.

Michelle discusses a California law that removes toys from the Happy Meals. Because the TOY is what causes child obesity. Uh huh. Who knew toys had that many calories?

And here in New Jersey, they’ve passed a law that few people want–one that makes young drivers a target for police profiling as well as criminals who prey on young people–in a misguided effort to keep inexperienced drivers from hurting too many people.

My son already has a “Cinderella” license, as a first-year driver. He has to be in by midnight. Now, Kyleigh’s Law will require him, until he’s had his license for one year or turns 21 (whichever comes first), to be in by 11. He will also be allowed ONE passenger in the car, unless a parent is present, at which point he can have as many people as he has seat belts in the car. This means he can’t have both his siblings in the car at once. So much for his ability to pick them up at school if I’d need him to! Sorry, not allowed! He’s got to show that he’s a new driver by displaying a special sticker on his license plates, stickers that we have to pay extra for AND make a special trip to get. These same stickers will identify him as a new driver to police, and as a teenager to criminals and predators. This is especially disturbing to any parents with daughters!

This law is supposed to help discourage behind-the-wheel cell-phone use as well. Now I realize that teens are heavy phone users, but sit near a traffic light sometime and see just how many adults are on their phones while they’re driving. Check those soccer moms leaving the athletic fields and texting dinner plans behind the wheel. Bet there’s no limit to how many kids they can have in the car while they use their phones. After all, they’re over 21.

What’s next? No listening to the radio while driving? No refereeing squabbling kids? No eating McDonald’s french fries? (Wait, I forgot, that’s probably already against the law.)

One thought on “We Don’t Want Any

  1. Ha! Nanny state, I love it! Here in CT we're already there! That's the #1 job of our state legislature, to think up more laws, not to protect anyone, but to raise more money. Your right on about the Moms (and Dads!) using the cellphones. No one really cares. The police, us, it's a mess when you really look at it. Nice post. k


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