Today, Little Brother received his First Holy Communion. He has been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day. And I was pleased to see that Father put this day into excellent perspective.

At the beginning of Mass and during the homily, Father reminded everyone that today is a very special day for the Church. The boys and girls who received their First Holy Communion today are welcomed–and always welcome. They are welcoming Jesus into their hearts and lives, and they are following the words of Jesus, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

I noticed that Father was careful not to tell the children (and their parents) that this is their special day. It seems that he doesn’t buy into that kind of thing. WTG Father!

He also began his homily by talking about how bread has many forms: bread, rolls, bagels, donuts…and how even though the Host looks like just another form of bread, it is not bread–it is Jesus. We can’t see the change happen during the Consecration, but we believe that it does.

I’m thankful for Father’s words today (and his words last night as he helped the children with their last-minute preparations at practice.) I’m thankful for Little Brother’s wonderful teacher who had her class on fire to receive the sacraments this year. Those kids were ready, and they knew what to do. You could pick the parochial-school kids out of the lineup at practice last night, because they were the ones who knew that the correct response to the words “The Body of Christ” was not just to stand there with their hands at their sides, but to say “Amen” and joyfully receive the Lord.

God bless Little Brother and all of this season’s First Communicants!

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  1. Glad it was a wonderful experience! You would not have been able to pick MY kids out at their First Communion, however. Not every kid who is not in parochial school has parents who neglect their religious formation!!

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