Deer and Dogs and Rosaries

On the third Friday of each month, members of my Secular Franciscan fraternity meet to pray a Franciscan Crown Rosary for the intention of the protection of the unborn and healing for post-abortive mothers.

Last night, due to circumstances beyond my control, I brought Little Brother with me to the Rosary.

If weather permits, we pray outdoors at a little Blessed Mother statue at the back of the church. Last night’s weather was beautiful, and just before we began to pray, I looked over behind the parish office building and saw several deer. I pointed them out to Little Brother and my fellow Franciscans.

We counted at least seven of them before they all ran off a few moments later. They were so beautiful and graceful–and some of them were babies, so cute!

Little Brother wasn’t sticking with the Rosary too well, and I wasn’t about to force him, but he did wander over a few times and pray a few prayers with us. I was using my seven-decade Rosary, but I also had my very beautiful “Mary’s Month” Rosary with me, so I passed that one to him. A few of the people present didn’t want to be decade leaders, so I asked him if he’d lead the final decade.

And he did. I was so proud! And afterwards, all the other Seculars (all grandmothers, and some even great-grandmothers) made a big fuss over how well he did.

In the car going home, I told him how proud I was that he helped us pray the Rosary. After a moment, he changed the subject. I guess he was seizing the moment: “Mom, can I get a beagle?”

“No, bud.”

“But they’re so cute!”

“And they howl at the moon…”

“No, they don’t! They’re not werewolves!”

“Yes, they do. It’s called baying. Believe me, they do.”

“No, they’re praying. They pray to their God. He’s an awesome God and he likes dogs. Not like you.”

Well, I guess he told me! But he’s still not getting a dog, even if it is the praying kind.

6 thoughts on “Deer and Dogs and Rosaries

  1. Barb…Good for Little Brother! I'm sure that Our Blessed Lady was pleased with him as well!You know….you could call it Snoopy if you let him have one!

  2. Aw, come on…have pity on this allergic, asthmatic mom. I am not ready to take on a dog since I'd be the one to have to take care of it. And what would we do on those all-day visits to my parents (over 2 hours away and not pet-friendly?)

  3. Great job with the rosary! As for the dog, well, we had one. But you have to have the right one, A golden lab is great with kids and I fell in love with him too! My 2 boys grew up with him. My oldest son now has 3 dogs!! And a new baby!! Oh my!But if you are allergic, well, that would be awful. I vote for the Stuffed Snoopy?

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