Temper, Temper–and Keep it Simple, SFO!

My printer is acting up. It doesn’t want to feed the paper I’m trying to put into it. And it’s no small irony that my frustration level is rising to the point of using bad language…while I’m trying to print out a Novena to St. Francis of Assisi for my SFO fraternity.

I was trying to put it on some nice, thick, pretty paper, but the printer was having none of it. I’m guessing that Father Francis would be much more pleased that I wound up just using ordinary, run-of-the-mill printer paper. Simplicity will always win out in the end.

Once I took out the thick paper and returned the regular paper to the printer, everything went well.

That should teach me a few things.

(And I’ll have that Novena up here for its beginning on the 25th! Won’t you join me and my fellow Franciscans in praying a Novena this year?)

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