It Still Ain’t Over

Since I’m still experiencing a fair amount of discomfort after Saturday’s horrible backache worked its way to diffuse lower abdominal pain and hung around all of Sunday and today, I went to the doctor today. After waiting 45 minutes to be seen (good thing I had a Kindle to keep myself entertained!) the doctor ordered blood work and a stat CAT scan.

That will be tomorrow’s fun (the CAT scan.) Got the blood drawn right then and there. I had an abdominal ultrasound a month ago, following up on this summer’s procedure, but I’d never heard the results from the gynecologist (even after I called last week to ask about them). My internist thinks that this very well could be related, and went after those ultrasound results herself. Then she called me at home to tell me she’d gotten them and that, yes, the cyst is back and almost as big as it was late last spring. I’ll know more after the CAT scan, I’m guessing.

Meanwhile, my mother is armchair-quarterbacking the doctor who did not remove my ovaries when I had the hysterectomy in January–even though she (a hysterectomy patient herself) knows exactly why they don’t routinely do that. I should be working right now, but I’m not in the mood. At the moment, I’m thinking that Haagen-Dasz is a better idea.

Welcome to my pity party. In the scheme of things, I’m lucky that this is all the problems I am having. But I’m asking for your prayers anyway!

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