Grade-School Drama

…of the cutest kind.

The primary grades at Little Brother’s school put on their Christmas play tonight. It’s always a “play within a play” in which something happens that might prevent the Christmas pageant.

This year Little Brother played the Grinch/Scrooge character–actually a politician more concerned with getting votes than with the Christmas story. He wore a suit–and a “red power tie.” And a top hat. My big kids said he was “totally a boss.” He had some great one-liners in his part and nailed the comic timing.

The rest of the play was enjoyable because it was a primary-school Christmas play. That means it came complete with:
–can-can dancers that danced in opposite directions and sometimes kicked each other
–battery-operated candles, some of which did not light
–two kids on the top riser that nearly came to blows
–dueling verses of the same Christmas carol (kids were apparently confused about whether to sing verse 2 or verse 3. Both were going at once.)
–hippies, and a “rich couple” named Thurston and Lovey. The kids didn’t get that joke.
–two kids who spoke in a strange accent (but who don’t in real life.)
–lots of adorable off-key singing
–and a light-up star.

The first, second, and third graders did a great job. The play was lots of fun to watch–and the prelude by the pre-K and kindergarten was nothing short of adorable. Little kids + carols + reindeer headgear = completely cute.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh, and the lovely memories. If it's any consolation, grownups at church often get mixed up about what verses we are singing too! Love and Merry Christmas to you and your family, Barb.

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