Last Thing on the List

There is SO MUCH on the list right now.
Haircuts for me and Little Brother
Wrap gifts
Do Tons o’Laundry
Freelance work here and here
And, of course, all the baking

So when the Christmas tree went dark the other night, I left it for another day. I think it’s going to be left for a few more days unless someone else decides they want to troubleshoot the extension-cord situation. The tree’s pretty without lights–prettier with lights, but it’s loaded with colorful ornaments and that might just have to do.

2 thoughts on “Last Thing on the List

  1. We have yet to put the tree up 🙂 All of our children pitched in together and bought us a live tree that we can plant in the spring, it is sitting in the garage, we will bring it in on Christmas Eve, plonk the angel on top, and hopefully the lights I dug out of the attic work, the tree will be put outside again on Sunday morning. I have never waited this long to put up the tree, and I am really, really, really ready to get the tree inside and decorated.

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