Not According to Plan

Today was supposed to be Christmas: The Day After. In my family, it’s the last of the Great Three Days of Christmas. We spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s extended family, Christmas Day at home, and Christmas: The Day After with my side of the family (my parents, brother and sister and their families, one great-aunt and a cousin.)

Mother Nature, however, had other plans. By dinnertime last night we were hearing snow predictions in excess of 10 inches. I was not happy. Snow is nice, when you have no other plans.

Sure, we have plenty of snow shovels, as well as enough milk, bread and eggs (why is it that supermarkets are always emptied of those items at the first flurry?) We have Snow Remover Models 18 and 15 (otherwise known as Big Brother and Middle Sister) and I know where I put the snow boots at the end of last year’s very snowy season. So that’s all good.

But I’ve been pretty bummed all day that I didn’t get to have that Christmas with my family. It’s always a fun time, and I know I missed out. Contrary to those old AT&T commercials, long distance is not necessarily the next best thing to being there.

Welcome to my pity party, and merry Christmas! I hope we get to have Christmas with my family before Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Not According to Plan

  1. Sorry, Barb! My in-laws are supposed to be heading our way beginning tomorrow, but plans are on hold until the snow stops falling. I guess lots of folks were praying for a white Christmas…

  2. We were in the same boat, Barb. Rob's family was supposed to be coming down from NY and then they got 18 inches of snow. And we got only 2 inches here. Boo.

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