Long summer ahead!

With a swimming pool comes great responsibility. As I type this, there are 6 kids in the pool. Only one of them lives here. The more time they spend in the pool, the more time I need to be outside on the porch. I am a terrible swimmer and have gone two years without even putting on a bathing suit, but I have to be the combination lifeguard, peacekeeper, referee, towel police, and monitor of four-letter-words.

The Street Urchins and Little Brother were surprised today when I informed them that baseballs are not pool toys.

It’s going to take something stronger than a caramel latte to get me through these summer days.

2 thoughts on “Long summer ahead!

  1. You're a great mom to your kids and to the neighborhood ones as well! Are you using your stop light on your front door?

  2. Yes ma'am, but the light was green at the time…and each child asked me if s/he could swim before entering the pool, so I seem to have beaten that into their heads. We'll have pool etiquette down to a science by the end of the summer, I hope…Productivity in terms of housework and writing are going to go down the tubes if I am to be the Kool-Aid Lifeguard Mom all summer long. I'm going to have to be very protective of the time I do get and very productive when I get it!

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