Spot On

As always, the Zits comic nails life with a teenage boy.

He returned home from college 3 weeks ago. Last night he asked me if I’d seen a certain item of clothing. I hadn’t. He said he knew he’d brought it home from school…I suggested it might be in his footlocker.

He replied, “Didn’t you empty that out?”


Still-unpacked bags and crates of class notes litter his room and beyond. I imagine it’ll stay that way until August 19 if I let it (he returns to school on the 20th.)

Time to crack down. He’s a good kid–a real good kid. But he’s definitely got a clutter problem.

2 thoughts on “Spot On

  1. Oh Barb, I'm still waiting for John to unpack things from his freshman year. And we've added three more years of unpacked stuff on top of that. It's just the way they are!


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