Dead Giveaway

I was all over this article on home organization at (Better Homes & Gardens) until I got to page 7: the Living Room Art Station.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Parents will see the problem immediately.

White carpet. Paint on a low, accessible-to-toddlers shelf. Presumably there is a playroom or family room somewhere else in the house. I’m sure there must be a kitchen somewhere–one that doesn’t have a white carpet.

Clearly the people who came up with this brilliant idea have never spent any time with small children. (To her credit, Middle Sister saw the trouble with this room instantly.)

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2 thoughts on “Dead Giveaway

  1. My other problem with this room is the homage paid to kid art. I'm not saying that kids can't make lovely art…mine make some very nice art. Kids can be clever and creative and can make interesting compositions. I'm not saying parents shouldn't frame their children's art or decorate their house with it. But a prominent wall in the living room? I guess if this is the only spot you have to store art materials… I just prefer to have famous works of art on the wall to inspire my children to greater efforts, not their own art as though they have reach the pinnacle of perfection at age 7.

  2. I would like to see what a Mom would do with that room. I wouldn't let my kids within 15 feet of a white carpet…even barefoot, straight out of the shower 🙂

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