Oddest Memorial Day Ever

It began normally enough. We woke up and got ready to attend the Memorial Day parade in the next town. Big Brother and Middle Sister were helping the Boy Scouts, who cook and serve hot dogs (888 this year!) and cold beverages to all who march and attend the parade. TheDad and Little Brother were marching with the Cub Scouts. I was the only one in the family who actually watched the parade this year.

And that part was weird. I didn’t have Middle Sister to people-watch with, and parades are almost as good as carnivals in drawing out some pretty strange people. Homeless-looking old men who picked up candy that was tossed in the street–and handed it to nearby children. Women “of a certain age” who still shop at stores like Forever 21. Other women (older than “a certain age”) who go for the star-spangled look: full red, white, and blue glitter from head to toe. And quite a few pit bulls. I didn’t have Little Brother to clap along to the bands and beg me to buy him a pretzel/water/balloon/flag/pop gun/Silly String/noisemaker/all of the above. Hope springs eternal with that one: we bring our own snacks and drinks and I never buy the junk.

After the parade, we came home and a bunch of Little Brother’s friends came over here to swim. I was in the middle of the laundry stream, and found that the utility sink was half-full of water and it wasn’t draining at all. I finally forced TheDad out of the pool to try to snake out the drain.

He concluded that we had to call a professional.

We waited 3 hours for the professional to not show up or call back, and then we called a different professional who got here in 30 minutes, took care of the problem, and required a nice fat check from us because plumbers on Memorial Day are expensive.

I began admiring my Parade Tan, which consists of sunburn on 1 1/2 knees.

Meanwhile I took Middle Sister and Little Brother to rehearsal for “Song of Mark” at church (they’re in the children’s chorus, I’m accompanying on guitar) and Big Brother’s friends came over to swim and eat.

We ran the whole show in a non-air-conditioned church and then I came home to the dishes that had piled up all day because I wasn’t able to do any dishes since we couldn’t use the water.

Now there are 7 college students trying to play Guitar Hero quietly because Little Brother is sleeping. Good luck with that.

Big Brother bought a lemon meringue pie to feed his friends. I think I’ll go have a nice big slice.

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  1. How was that lemon meringue pie Barb after the day you had! Yeah, service calls on a holiday mean big bucks! But you need running water so gotta do what you gotta do!!

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