Things I Forgot Over the Summer

It’s not only the kids who regress academically over the summer.  I’m really surprised what I’ve forgotten during the 2 1/2 months of summer vacation.

This is probably due to all the “Phineas & Ferb” exposure.  I’ve spent way too much time wondering where those kids go to school that gives them 104 days of summer vacation.  I know that’s more than I could take.

I’ve been refreshing my memory this week regarding the ins and outs of getting through the school year.

Little boys who have been cooped up in school all day because they can’t play outside at lunch during the Everlasting Rainstorm that is September around here are WAY more likely to bounce off the walls in the after-school hours than little boys who have been in the house all day on a rainy summer day.  Fortunately, little boys don’t mind playing outside when it’s drizzling.

School buses are great examples of Murphy’s Law.  When you’re outside all nice and early (and it’s raining) they’re late.  When you’re running late, they’re early.

I should really make part of Little Brother’s packed lunches the night before.  He’s not a sandwich fan, but he likes “ham-alami.”  Here’s the recipe:  Take a slice of salami.  Fold a slice of ham to go on top.  Add another slice of salami.  Roll up.  3 “ham-alamis” in a container is good for lunch, along with another container of fruit and a snack.  I find salami a little disgusting at 7 AM.

And then there’s the pleasant surprises, like when I was cutting up brownies for lunchboxes today.  Some of those brownies never made it to the lunchbox.  Brownies go great with that first cup of coffee in the mornings.  Breakfast of champions!  (Just don’t tell Little Brother.)

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