In Harmony

(I’m in this picture, but I’m not telling where.)

One of my favorite activities in high school was the choir.  We were probably about 60 strong–that’s half the school!  I loved the chance to sing in harmony.

We only had 3-part harmony (soprano, second soprano, alto) since my high school was not coed.  I was a second soprano, but over the years I’ve migrated to alto.  (And I’m not above throwing in a tenor or baritone part now and again, just for the fun of it.)  I do not harbor any illusions of having a solo-quality voice, but I do just fine in a group and I can sustain a harmony line without being near anyone else who’s singing that same part.
Right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying a chance to stretch my musical muscles.  Over at the school parish, preparations are under way for a Festival of Lessons and Carols, scheduled for the Tuesday before Christmas. It’s a mixed group in many ways.  First of all, we’ve got soprano, alto, tenor and bass–and a children’s chorus.  WOW!  It’s amazing to be part of creating that wonderful sound.  We’re coming from at least 4 different parishes and at least as many different choirs/ensembles.  There are kids (as young as second grade), teens, college students, young adults, parents with kids of all ages, and empty-nesters.  
Soon, we’re bringing in the musical instruments!  And we all come together to make music.
Christmas music is wonderful, and there is a huge repertoire of beautiful Christmas music out there.  As a musician at church, though, I’m pretty much limited to standard carols.  And that’s fine–people attending Mass during the Christmas season expect, and should find, those old familiar carols.  It makes things easy when people visit from other parishes, other traditions, or just haven’t been to church in a while.  When we play and sing at Mass, we’re there to lead people in prayer through song, not to perform for them.
This Festival of Lessons and Carols is a combination of Scripture readings and beautiful music, most of which is not your standard carol.  It’s a performance, but don’t think for a moment that it is not also worship.
Last year Big Brother played bass at this Festival.  The rest of us came along to be part of the audience.  I loved it and was thrilled to be asked to take part this year (along with Little Brother and Big Brother, who will participate again).
That whole “singing is praying twice” thing?  For me, it’s completely true.
I love that we pray before we rehearse, thanking God for the gift of music, for the opportunity to share that gift and to give God honor and glory by using that gift.  (That’s the gist of the prayer; the music director does a better job phrasing it than I just did).
And I love being a small part of this large group.  Some people in the group are like me, with ordinary musical skills.  Others are incredibly gifted.  When I sing with them, I am challenged beyond what I think I am capable of doing.
Great joy!

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  1. Funny–in high school and college I was an alto, and even sang tenor in a barbershop quartet. Now my lower range has faded (little volume below a B) and my high notes are strongest.

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