Prepositional FAIL

Little Brother misses his brother.  (We all do, really.)  And he doesn’t understand that Big Brother gets more nocturnal with each passing year, so when we do get to see Big Brother, he spends half the day sleeping and half the night wide awake while most of the rest of us are sleeping.  Except for Middle Sister, who can be semi-nocturnal when she needs to, being a teenager and all.

The other day, Little Brother was complaining about this.  He said, “I hope that next time Big Brother comes home, he spends more time playing with me, instead of just sleeping around all the time.”

The kid had no idea why I nearly drove off the road after he said that.  Bad choice of words, Little Brother.  But it did give me a good laugh.

4 thoughts on “Prepositional FAIL

  1. Haha, cute!! Reminds me of the time when I was dating Rob and my youngest brother (14 years younger than me), who was 5 at the time, told my mother that Rob and I were having a "dating lay" on the couch. We were lounging on the couch watching movies, but my mom nearly had a heart attack. 😉

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