Small Success Thursday: Diabetics, Ducks and Dead Printers

It’s Small Success Thursday at I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Thursday (never did figure out why) but I’m glad it wasn’t, because then I would have missed this!


Are you tired of hearing about diabetes yet? No? Good. (We’re tired of living with it, and it hasn’t even been 2 months.) But today’s first success is diabetic- and parenting-related.


I am letting my Inner Mama Bear take over today. There is only one thing that hasn’t worked well at school in terms of taking care of Little Brother’s health needs–and that’s the hot lunch program. The caterer had promised to answer my inquiries regarding carb count and serving size for the few hot lunches he orders, but out of 3 orders placed so far this month, she’s only given me info once. Last week we played a lunchtime guessing game with a plate of French toast sticks and sausage. Fortunately it ended well, but there’s no need to play guessing games when that food comes out of a package someplace, and that package has a nutrition label on it.

Today is hoagie day, and I’ll be parked in the cafeteria waiting for the caterer to show up so I can inspect the hoagie and find out how many carbs are in the roll. She isn’t answering my emails, so I have no other way to handle it.

This mama is not the assertive type–at all. But when it comes to my kid’s health, I cannot lie down and roll over.

(You might say, why bother ordering the lunch at all? Well, because he ordered lunch before, and we’re trying to let him keep things as normal as we possibly can. This is enough change for an 11-year-old to handle.)


I taught second grade yesterday. Thanks to a super-organized teacher, the day was all laid out for me. I remembered not to use cursive when I wrote on the board (they’ll start that in the spring) and I got to read aloud from one of the Ramona books. The kids told me that I am a good reader. One of them sent me home with a hand-drawn picture of a duck. It was a pretty good day.


I resurrected the printer/scanner/copier that inexplicably wouldn’t turn on after Big Brother rearranged some furniture in the basement. How did I do it? I unplugged the power cord from the outlet and the printer, brought the whole thing upstairs and plugged it into a different outlet. Shazam! It turns on! How is it that two (count ’em, TWO) IT specialists couldn’t figure this out?

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7 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Diabetics, Ducks and Dead Printers

  1. Sounds like an awesome week. Diabetes is a tough big change, but there’s so much out there, it isn’t as hard as it used to be. (Also I love the resuscitation of the printer through low tech means)!

  2. I’m not tired of hearing about diabetes challenges and I bet you have other readers who feel the same. If I stopped by for coffee what would we talk about? 😉

    My son is an IT troubleshooter at OSU. He works with faculty members who are the most clueless beings when it comes to technology. He always tells people to unplug their printers and plug them in somewhere else. Often they find out it is not plugged in at all!

    Have a great Thursday!

    • Diabetes is tough when you’re in your 40’s, I can only imagine what it must be like for a young man of 11. I have a friend whose child suffers from a rare eating disorder that causes her to ALWAYS feel hungry. She will quite literally eat herself sick. Heaven bless her.
      My friend is also not a confrontational person, but the things that happen at school can be a matter of life and death – just like your son. Hang in there, Barb! Mama Bear doesn’t have to be uncharitable and she might just save another kid from irresponsible dietary management.

      • Unfortunately, MamaBear missed the lunch delivery by 5 minutes, so we guessed again at lunch!
        Your friend’s child’s situation sounds scarier than mine! I will keep her in prayers when I’m feeling frustrated over food issues.

    • Right? My husband and oldest son are both IT guys. No one thought to unplug the thing.

      I wish you COULD stop by for coffee. And yes, we would talk about diabetes.

  3. I have a friend who is an RN working in Diabetes research… largely because she is a lifelong diabetic. God bless your son and you! Praying. About the caterer, I say – GOOD FOR YOU! I’m short, and you can’t see me, but I’m standing and applauding! hmmph
    I can not tell you how loving I feel your 2nd Grade experience was and I am so happy for you.
    And I am still laughing about the printer. THAT is funny!

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