Small Success Thursday: Rough Start Edition

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxIt’s Thursday? Already?

Well, that’s good, because that means it’s time for Small Success Thursday over at Join us as we celebrate the little things, because little things can make or break your day.

This day has not gotten off to a good start. I woke up to a sink full of dirty dishes, because the child who had promised to “do them later”…didn’t. (Consequences will result. This goes without saying.) And I have no car–again. Hubs had his car back less than 24 hours when he had to call a tow truck because of a different issue that made the car undriveable. Since I hadn’t driven enough yesterday (there’s something most moms never say) I didn’t get to see the van hit that 100,000-mile mark. That should be happening this morning, somewhere on I-295. That minor disappointment pales in comparison to the repair bill we just paid Tuesday afternoon and the one we anticipate whenever the mechanic finishes with the car.

I could use some Small Success right about now. Bring it! I’ll be stopping by throughout the day because I know that reading about other moms’ successes will make me smile.

Here’s mine:


Dining roomI cleaned out two big sections of my dining-room hutch. That piece of furniture is basically a junk drawer on steroids in my house. You’ll find a knife set, paper plates, sugar substitute, the big can of hot cocoa mix that doesn’t fit in a kitchen cabinet, some pretty teacups, my mother-in-law’s crystal (which never gets used but somehow manages to get broken in there), some glass serving trays and plastic forks and spoons in the two sections with doors. And those are the things I KEPT.


There are fresh sheets on my bed for tonight, and that always lifts my spirits.


I had a good day in Substitute-Teacher Land yesterday. A last-minute substitute switcheroo meant that I had a third-grade class instead of the middle-schoolers. The change was fine with me. I came home covered in chalk dust (fortunately, I hadn’t worn my black pants) and my feet hurt but it was an easy day–I even survived the part where I had to teach geometry!

And in honor of the fact that my attitude could still stand just a little improvement, I’m bringing some butter and eggs to room temperature in the kitchen right now so I can make some chocolate cookies. With nuts. For medicinal purposes, of course.

Or lunch.

Whichever comes first.


6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Rough Start Edition

  1. Oh, aren’t fresh sheets just wonderful? There is something so comforting in knowing you get to go to sleep in a newly made bed. Even if I only make it 10 minutes before bedtime, I still make it up all nicely.

    Sounds like you’re off to a pretty accomplished day 🙂 Small things count too; not every day can be filled with monumental achievements, especially if you’re wrangling kiddos (as my husband says lol). Enjoy the cookies. Best non-prescription meds ever!

    • I love fresh sheets! When I am rich and have a staff I am going to have fresh sheets every day (hey, a girl can dream!)

  2. it has been “another day in paradise” Always is when you are messing with people’s e-mail accounts. But today was something else. I went and bough myself a decadent piece of “Molten” Chocolate cake. Worth the calories, sugar and cost.

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