Almost Summer: Small Success Thursday


Over at, they’ve titled this week’s Small Success Thursday “School’s Out!”

Not quite, here–for Little Brother. The Big Kids have been out of school for a while, but he’s boarding the school bus every morning until Tuesday of next week.


baseballI’ve been doing a lot of substitute teaching (4 school days last week alone), which is a good thing for the budget. Last week, when I was in for the same teacher most of the week, I re-created a review “baseball” game I used to use–one I learned from my mom when she was my teacher in middle school. Word got around, and another teacher who heard about the game visited me to ask if she could borrow the “equipment.” This week, she told me that she made her own “baseball” to use with her classes.


Right now I’m in the middle of a cooking frenzy as we prepare for the Big Kids’ Double Graduation Celebration and Swimming-Pool Jamboree. At last count, we’re feeding 90 people. Overnight last night, I slow-cooked pork carnitas with chipotle; right now there are meatballs in the oven and chicken for Caesar sandwiches in the slow cookers. And Big Brother offered to make the pico de gallo. I’m not turning down his offer to chop multiple pounds of tomatoes.


When my new-to-me dishwasher decided to unscrew itself from underneath the kitchen cabinet, I diagnosed the problem, located a washer in the correct size, and re-attached it all by myself.

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3 thoughts on “Almost Summer: Small Success Thursday

  1. Wow on fixing the dishwasher!! We have a few things over here that need some attention … coming to KY any time soon? 🙂 Good luck with the graduation celebrations!

    • If it’s anything beyond a screw and a washer, I’ll have to send you my oldest. He spent spring break on a Habitat for Humanity blitz build.

      • Oh, that’s very cool!! I bet he learned a lot doing that. Our dishwasher isn’t completed screwed in to the spot it’s in. We’ve been in our current house less than a year, and we just haven’t gotten around to figuring it out. But we’ve also noticed that there seems to be some movement there. We replaced the countertops and they have pulled apart a little bit at a seam, right over the dishwasher. We still have some work to do, obviously. Ha!!

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