So Good to be Here

A big part of the Transfiguration story is the reaction of Peter, James and John, who were Jesus’ companions on the mountain that day.

James and John were not called the Sons of Thunder for nothing, by the way.

song of markThe song “So Good to be Here” from Marty Haugen’s cantata Song of Mark is an excellent portrayal of their characters. The tune reminds me of circus music, which fits in perfectly with the atmosphere they wanted to create by building tents and staying there forever. When I listen to this song, I picture these big guys drinking a toast to their plan to stick around the mountain with their buddy, Jesus.

It was good for them to be there, but the message of the Transfiguration is that you need to get ready to leave that isolated place and take the message of Jesus wherever you go.

Three years ago, my children and I participated in a performance of Song of Mark. It was good to be there–an incredible opportunity to perform with amazingly talented musicians and vocalists. Watch, if you like–and think about the Transfiguration.



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  1. The grace-filled challenge of transfiguration is not just to be simply contented being in a heavenly state or enjoy such a goody feeling but to share this glorious experience of being with God to others in order share our little contribution to advance the redemption plan of God for all. We need God’s amazing grace to constantly be up to this special call of witnessing for as long as we live.

    Let’s all look forward too, to our own “transfiguration” too.

    God’s blessings and peace!
    Christie Gregor
    on Gift-Giving

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