Small Success Thursday: Movin’ On Out


Small-Success-Thursday-400pxThursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

In less than three weeks, my household is going to shrink to only 3 as Big Brother moves to a townhouse near his new job and Middle Sister relocates to a college dorm.

We’re drowning in milk crates, foot lockers and boxes around here. This week’s successes are all moving-related.


Big Brother wants to take an armoire and bookcase that are located in the basement, holding Important Things like my sewing machine, the stash of school supplies, and spare blankets. This week, I got both pieces of furniture cleared out for him.

(Just don’t ask me where I’m going to put all that stuff.)


I put together a little surprise treat for Big Brother:  there’s a big tub of pretzels with his name on it. Right now it’s sitting on my parents’ my his kitchen table in my basement. (Can you tell I’m still attached to that table?)


We’re going to miss the Big Kids, but there will be a considerable savings on the grocery bill. I’m seeing that happen already, since I’ve been purchasing fewer pantry staples than I used to when I knew I’d be feeding 5 people. In the last two weeks, our total grocery bill was under $250, and that included some school supplies!

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4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Movin’ On Out

  1. Wow, we’re getting ready to lose a person from the table too. It’s a big success and a sad one at the same time.

    • Yes–my oldest will be living an hour away. This is a bittersweet time for sure.

  2. I am just starting on this adventure of adult children. Bittersweet indeed! Love seeing them spread their wings. Like that tumbling toddler stage, they have no fear.

  3. Just remember, that there is always a phone, skype, and texting! When I left for college, over 1,400 miles away, my mom called me every day- reiterating the mom clause as part of her duties. When I would come home to visit, I was so appreciative!

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