Small Success: Summer’s Over!

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I survived the longest day of summer vacation (the last day before school begins). My house was full of 12-year-old boys, and I confess that at one point I suggested:  “Why don’t you guys go kill each other OUTSIDE?”

My menu plan is done for half the month (using Catholic Sistas planner page). I’m wondering, though, how long it’s going to take me to learn to cook for only 3?

I’m almost all unpacked from last week’s vacation. There’s just one more small bag to deal with and I promise to get that done today.

Gratuitous vacation photo, because I never get tired of looking at this:


On tap for today:  pack my tote bag for a full day of substitute-teaching tomorrow (yes, already!)

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9 thoughts on “Small Success: Summer’s Over!

    • Right now, my biggest issue with cooking is that the one kid who’s left is the pickiest of the 3. Not that any of them has been extremely picky. I hope he outgrows that soon!

    • Rhonda, there’s a reason I call these kids the Street Urchins. 12-year-old boys are like a bunch of billy goats ANYWAY, and this time they were armed with drumsticks and Nerf basketballs.

  1. We eat a lot of leftovers, but I plug them into my menu plan. I started calling it repurposing because, you know, that seems to be more pleasant. Leftover hamburger patios get chopped up and made into meat sauce over pasta. Leftover slaw mixture for fish tacos gets put on chicken sliders a few days later. You’ll get used to it.
    and #1 is GENIUS! And if you didn’t supply weapons, you’d never be culpable. HA


    • Oh yes. Repurposing is a GOOD thing. Usually I eat the leftovers for lunch if there’s not enough for a meal for the whole family, but this is where I’m really missing my daughter, who’s away at college now. Even though last year she wasn’t home much for dinner, she looked forward to finding leftovers in the fridge to heat up after work or rehearsal or a track meet–or for breakfast (enchiladas for breakfast!)

  2. I love your vacation picture! We had such opposite vacations last week, it’s not even funny!

    And hooray for the menu! I haven’t started mine, and I’m panicking over what to make tonight, since i didn’t plan anything but “mashed potatoes for the extraction kid.”

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