Menu Monday 5

menu Monday

I’m linking my menu plan over at Mary Ellen Barrett’s Menu Monday feature.

Here’s some good stuff that someone linked to on Facebook yesterday:  8 dinnertime tips from Mario Batalli. This is not serious-chef stuff–it’s simple strategies that make home cooking easier.

make and take coffee cake (1)SUNDAY:  We visited friends and had Chinese takeout. I brought dessert:  Make-and-Take Coffee Cake with apples. This cake is so easy to make, which was great, because with Mass at noon followed by rehearsals for both me and Little Brother, there wasn’t time to fool around.

Easter ham and cheese bakeMONDAY:  I’m putting together a Ham and Cheese Bake for dinner and leaving Little Brother directions for putting it in the oven to bake; I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in the late afternoon and Little Brother has a rehearsal in the early evening. Cutting it CLOSE! I think the only thing I dread more than a gynecologist appointment is the dermatologist, which is the one I’m seeing today. With my family history, it’s always a stressful experience (we’re Irish. Need I say more?)

TUESDAY:  Pot roast in the slow cooker, noodles and gravy. And a vegetable of some sort. Shame on me:  my gravy comes out of a can. Maybe someday I’ll learn to make the Real Thing.

WEDNESDAY:  Spaghetti and meatballs, our Wednesday-night tradition! I might change it up and serve cheese tortellini instead of regular pasta.

Tandoori (4)THURSDAY:  Tandoori chicken, roasted asparagus, and roasted potatoes. All in the oven at the same temperature, and it’s all easy to clean up if you line the pans with foil. Since Little Brother has an early-evening rehearsal, I’m all about making it easy.

singapore noodles 4FRIDAY:  Singapore Noodles with Shrimp. I can’t figure out if Little Brother likes this because he gets to squeeze lime juice all over everything or what, but he’s a big fan of this dish. And it’s not too hard to make!

SATURDAY:  Leftovers.

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