Small Success Thursday: 1/15

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxThursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!


January hutchI got all the Christmas things put away! Last year I never really put away the Christmas ornaments. I left them in a big plastic bucket and tripped over it in the basement all year. However, since it ain’t really over until Candlemas (February 2) I left my tiny Nativity scene on the hutch in the living room.

It’s entirely possible that this Nativity scene will remain among the angels (and the big St. Joseph statue) that sit on that shelf all year. I’m making no promises to get it put away before Lent.


I saw my primary doc so I could get my asthma inhalers rebooted. My last prescription for those was so old that it was no longer even showing up in the online dashboard of our long-term prescription service. And then I came home and obediently made appointments for my long-overdue mammogram and annual GYN exam (which is over a year overdue).


maple walnut muffins (4)Muffins! Specifically, maple-walnut muffins.

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