Small Success: Introvert’s YES

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I don’t even KNOW how long we’ve been connected online, but this Sunday I finally got to meet Christine of Domestic Vocation and her lovely family.

At Amys Diner with CatholicMomVA Jan 25 2015We even have photographic evidence. See?

We are both introverts by nature, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. I’m glad we got the chance to visit and said YES to the opportunity to finally meet IRL. Christine no longer falls into the category once labeled by my kids as “imaginary friends.”


Monday and Tuesday were tough for me; people were home because of the Snowstorm That Never Came which meant that I was trying to get some writing done around conference calls (Hubs) and SportsCenter or Super Smash Brothers (Little Brother).

This snowstorm wasn't yardstick-worthy.
This snowstorm wasn’t yardstick-worthy.

I normally do my writing when it’s quiet and all I hear is the dryer and the refrigerator and the magic timer on the living-room lamp. But I managed to do most of the work I’d planned and even baked some chocolate-chip cookies, because what’s a disappointing snowstorm without cookies?

Seriously, though, we lucked out here in the Philadelphia area. We got 3 inches, had a half-day of school Monday and a day off Tuesday (both for no good reason–a delayed opening Tuesday would have been plenty) but that’s really the worst that happened here, and I’m thankful for that.

And cookies. Yes, you CAN stuff Milky Way Bites into a chocolate-chip cookie. I’ll be sharing all the delicious details in an upcoming post at

As our new pastor would say, these cookies are Confessional Matter.
As our new pastor would say, these cookies are Confessional Matter.

Don’t worry. I’ll remind you when it’s ready!


Sometimes the introvert’s YES comes in the form of a NO. When I decided that it was best all around if I didn’t teach 5 days a week, that decision was made with an eye to what’s good for my family. And my own mental health, which is good for my family. I’m not helping anyone around here if I’m frazzled and cranky.

Because of the snow, and because I had said YES to substituting on Wednesday and Friday this week, I said NO today. I have an errand list a mile long, and was looking toward today as the day to get that all done while Little Brother is in school.

And this means that come Monday when the kids are back in their regular uniforms instead of Catholic-Schools-Week fun-themed clothes, Little Brother will have pants and a vest that actually fit him, because the uniform store (a 1 1/2-hour errand) is one of the things on my list today.

I did discover that right next door to the uniform store, there’s a ShopRite (where I also need to visit today) but when I mentioned that to Hubs, he said, “You’d better not. Go to the regular one. You know you’ll get all out of sorts.”

That’s true. Plus, the last two times I went to a different ShopRite, things got ugly. There was a brawl in the middle of the day at the not-my-usual ShopRite a couple of weeks ago while I was there. I left before the 3 police cars showed up, which means I missed most of the entertainment, but I didn’t want to have to testify later.


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  1. We miss a good, yardstick worthy snow (moved from Maryland to TX). AND cookies cure many ailments.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    We are a blessed community!


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