Small Success: Just Add Grace

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxThursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

I said YES to grace this week. I was thinking, Tuesday morning, that I really need to make a way to get to Adoration. We have Perpetual Adoration in our parish–and I’ve been ignoring the opportunity. On my way out of Mass Tuesday, the lady who organizes the schedule for Adoration approached me and asked if I could take over an hour for someone who is ailing and unable to attend anymore. I think it took a whole 2 hours, if that, from the time I originally had the thought of Adoration in my head to the time Pat spoke to me in the church foyer. I start today.

I learned a new song this week. Our folk group is preparing to teach Matt Maher’s “Your Grace is Enough” to the assembly at Mass before the end of Lent. It’s a perfect song to meditate on during Lent (or any time, really.) And I figured out how to download the MP3 to my phone so I can have it with me everywhere. Give it a listen:

And in more practical matters, I came in under budget this week at the supermarket. By shopping the sales and using coupons, I saved $105.44 on my order, paying only $116.78. AND because I bought some stuff in the Dollar Days sale, I walked out of there with $7 in coupons off my next shopping order AND a coupon for a free reusable shopping bag. (WIN!) I buy supermarket gift cards through Little Brother’s school (we get a tuition kickback for that) and it does help me to stay on budget. Since I buy the gift cards every 2 weeks, I’m under budget about $16 for the 2-week period. Just in time for Middle Sister to come home for Spring Break and stock up on laundry detergent, Gatorade, granola bars and other staples of dormitory life.

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5 thoughts on “Small Success: Just Add Grace

  1. I wish we had perpetual adoration a little closer to home! Kudos on the groceries. I’ve kind of given up on coupons for the time being. We’ve been eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, which is great for our bodies but lousy for our budgets.

  2. Wow! About the adoration. I am hoping to go the first Friday in March. Our parish only does first Fridays. Praying for ya that Jesus smacks you upside the head with Holy Spirit moments at adoration. 😉

    I can only dream that I went under on the grocery budget this month. I need to get better about planning and making a strict list. Somehow that hasn’t happened since Christmas messed up our normal routine!

  3. Hooray for Adoration, and BIG hooray for under-budget groceries! (I really need to work on coupons again.)

    Is it bad that I gave a big hooray for budget? You know I love my Holy Hour, right?

  4. The grocery budget is great. Adoration is not something I am able to put on my radar at this point in my life, but it intrigues me

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