The Things We Do For Our Kids

Tonight was Middle Sister’s Women’s Rugby team fundraising event. It was a dinner with a basket raffle.La salle women's rugby

Sounds good so far, right?

Wait for it. Wait for it

At a bar. In a neighborhood of Philadelphia whose name is pretty much synonymous with “Pub Crawl.”

And it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

When we Googled the venue to get the address (which the team did not provide on the flyer we got in the mail), we were treated to this lovely picture on the bar’s website:

Strategically-placed shamrocks prove she's Irish.
Strategically-placed shamrocks prove she’s Irish.

I’m pretty sure that Hubs and I are about 25 years older than this bar’s target demographic.

The Women’s Rugby event was held in the party room, which featured TWO bars, 5 TVs showing college basketball, very loud pop hits music, 3 round tables for 8 and an empty bandstand.

I followed the sign to the restroom and discovered that there was no door for the men’s restroom, which you must pass to get to the women’s restroom.

I didn’t need to see that.

The Kid and I bought our tickets for the basket raffle, grateful that Middle Sister was selling them, rather than a shorter teammate with a smaller wingspan. We filled them in and dropped them in the bags in front of the baskets we hope to win.

The food was OK: Caesar salad, cheesesteak egg rolls (I didn’t try those), chicken parm and vodka pasta.

Once we’d eaten, we said goodbye to Middle Sister and headed toward home.

We lasted an hour.

Maybe next time we’ll just send in a donation.

2 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Our Kids

  1. A donation sounds like a great idea in this circumstance (and, in my opinion, for most fundraisers in which you have to go be social), but, hey…I’m confused. Middle sister isn’t 21 is she?

    • Most of the team is under 21. There were color-coded wristbands; you had to show ID and pay double the price if you were over 21.
      Middle Sister was the designated driver for a bunch of the seniors on the team.
      I think the event was partially organized by team alumni.
      We did win a basket, as it turns out. Guess I’ll get it at Easter 🙂

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