Small Success: Stagehand Edition

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It’s so far, so good in the world of this stagehand. I haven’t broken yet, for one.

wizard of oz logo bcfBut I really am a stagehand this week. The Kid is in a show: the Young Performers’ Edition of The Wizard of Oz.

During the week, they perform for primary- and nursery-school field trips. But they’re short on stagehands, so I fill in (as a short stagehand.)

It’s fun to be backstage (and not in the green room where I saw way too many 10-year-old girls taking duck face selfies with their iPhones and posting them on Instagram. In front of their parents, no less. But that’s another story.)


Only one piece of scenery fell down. It was lightweight anyway and it didn’t hit anyone. (And it wasn’t my scenery.)


My only injury was a splinter, and I didn’t even need a needle to remove it. I could have used a nice bath in some Ben-Gay after Tuesday’s shows, though.


I didn’t have to be the one to handle the (real) dog. They had a designated person to walk the dog between scenes.

I’ll be back there for more shows today–and I’ll get my T-shirt today too!

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7 thoughts on “Small Success: Stagehand Edition

  1. Hurrah! Last year I was the designated bringer of dry ice for the show and it was fun to be backstage making a little bit of the magic that my kids work so hard to construct.

    • VERY fun! Today I got to make the noise for when they pound on the Tin Man’s chest to find out he is hollow inside. Special effects!

      • OK, that is just plain awesome right there! I love it backstage. It comes from years of dancing. When my second oldest was Clara in the Nutcracker, my husband and I and a couple boys were dancing/acting in the First Act party scene, which is where Clara has her main part. We chose to be onstage with her. It was hard not to stare at her the entire time, but it was the coolest thing to be onstage with her, sharing the whole thing! Then, we watched backstage during the battle scene while the little mice and soldiers scurried around. Backstage is the best seat in the house!

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