Small Success and Cupcakes Too!

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I’m coming to the end of the third week in a row of Hubs’ business trips to Kansas. I’ll find out later today if this is the end of it for a while. I sure hope so!


I got the chipped windshield on Hubs’ car fixed–for free! Turns out our insurance company covers those repairs with no deductible. A friend of mine recommended a good auto glass shop, so Monday morning I headed over there and sat in the Wi-Fi-equipped waiting room, helping an elderly Filipino couple navigate the Keurig machine and getting an interesting glimpse of human nature while watching Let’s Make a Deal.

It beats The View, anyway, which is what’s usually on when I’m stuck in waiting rooms.


I’m a little sleep-deprived this morning (3 glucose alarms last night, requiring 12 oz. of apple juice and a Double Stuf Oreo. I think the cookie did the trick) but I managed not to lose my mind and yell when The Kid missed the bus. His sleep was interrupted too–by me, yelling at him to wake up so he could drink juice. He’s really hard to wake up when his sugar goes low.

So I drove him to school, then swung by Wawa to get a roll for my lunch (I have leftover meatballs in the fridge) and a free cup of coffee, because today is Wawa Day. I’m grateful for the caffeine.

turtle cupcake 2-3-

I baked. Last night at folk group practice we celebrated two birthdays. We can celebrate in style because we practice in my living room, so it’s perfectly OK to have treats after we’re done singing. My creation for last night’s treats: Salted Caramel Turtle Cupcakes.

They’re good. Really good.

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4 thoughts on “Small Success and Cupcakes Too!

  1. I love that you are so charitable about being awoken all night. You’re a good mama!
    As for the cupcakes… they are just the right caloric intake for me. On the screen = free. <3
    Blessings Ms. Barb!

  2. That is really hard waking up all night long, night after night. You earned a nap! (Is he going through a growth spurt? Does that cause the nighttime lows?)

    • Well, he is growing like a weed. But increased physical activity can lead to delayed lows…last night, for example, he played HARD outside for a good hour after dinner. (And I was totally happy to hear the sounds of a neighborhood game through the open window!) But the “Kick the Can” adrenalin wears off when he goes to bed, and the adrenalin is what’s keeping his sugar up at that point. So it’s a balancing act, all the time. Too much insulin and he goes low (dangerous now); too little insulin and he runs high (dangerous later with cumulative side-effect possibilities).

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