The Razor Department: Where Fools and Their Money are Soon Parted

Home from college for a few hours, Middle Sister grabbed a few grocery items and tossed them into a plastic bag, asking, “Do you have any of my razors?”

linen closet AFTER
It had to be in there SOMEWHERE…but no. The right kind was not in stock.

I started rummaging around in the linen closet, where I keep those things, to see what was in stock. I found refills for a few varieties of razors–none of which were her preferred brand.

She likes the ones that come surrounded by their very own strip of lotion or soap or something that turns gooey when it’s exposed to water for very long.

You pay extra for that. It’s a feature.

K T Cat examined the 2-blade versus 5-blade men’s razor. But men’s razors have nothing on women’s razors, which are really just men’s razors with glitter.

I have a pink razor handle but I’m using a men’s razor refill on it, because those refills fit the handle, and I got them on sale, with a coupon. They were still expensive.

venus olay
There is a sucker born every minute. $1 per blade for these razors.

Yesterday I was at ShopRite, and I had a coupon for $6 off Middle Sister’s favorite brand of razor refills. I texted her to make sure I was picking up the exact variety she likes the best.

You know the razor refills are going to be expensive when there’s a $6 coupon. And they were! They were on sale for $19.99.

4 in the box. For $19.99.

And it turns out that my coupon was only good on boxes of 6 or 8. So I didn’t get to use that coupon.

That’s a $5 razor blade right there. $1 per blade. And she’ll toss them as soon as the gooey lotion runs out, which is well before the blade goes dull.

But, you know, they’re named after a goddess. So there’s that.

My cheapie razors contain only 3 blades, and they might or might not do as great a job as the ones my daughter prefers. And maybe if I was 19 and beautiful and athletic and had great legs like Middle Sister, I’d care about that. But I’m none of those things, so 3 blades do me just fine. I don’t need that built-in lotion. This is how I use up that bottle of conditioner nobody likes, but that smells really good.

Note: this post contains an Amazon affiliate link for Middle Sister’s favorite razor blades, in case they happen to be your favorite too. If you buy razors through my affiliate link, I get a little bonus in the change jar that will go toward my website expenses, or my next purchase of razor blades for Middle Sister.

3 thoughts on “The Razor Department: Where Fools and Their Money are Soon Parted

  1. Barb, this was so refreshing and humorous! I have tried so many varieties of razors, and Venus isn’t my favorite actually. Like you, I couldn’t care less about how many blades my razor has or whether it has lotion. I only shave my legs about once a week, so that tells you about how much I care about razors. However, you are so right about the price of these elite, goddess razors – it’s astonishing how expensive they are. No way for me! I’m a frugal mama, so I buy the ones on sale.

  2. Very amusing. “But, you know, they’re named after a goddess. So there’s that.” Love that line. 🙂

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