Monday Recap 4/20

Recap logo Most of the writing I’ve done this past week has been right here! To sum it up:

A short review of Cravings, which I’m working through in an attempt to eat–and be–a little more healthy.

Worth Revisiting is a fun link-up, and I submitted “Be Not Afraid” this past Wednesday.

On Thursdays, I link up at’s Small Success. Don’t miss the cupcake recipe!

I joined in the Catholic Writers Guild’s book blast for Jean Heimann’s Seven Saints for Seven Virtues.

And just for fun, a little riff on razors.

At Cook and Count:

turtle cupcake 3Salted Caramel Turtle Cupcakes–sticky, but so worth it.

Orzo with Garlic, Onions and Thyme–one of my favorite side dishes ever. Just hand me a spoon.


2 thoughts on “Monday Recap 4/20

  1. I thought Cravings was an intriguing and helpful read (full disclosure, a story about me is in the book), and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


    1. Wow, check that out! I’m only at the beginning of the book. Those journal questions are doozies. So this book is going to take me a while.


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