Small Success: Flying Solo (Again)

Small Success dark blue outline 800x800Thursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

Today ends Week 4 of a series of business trips Hubs is taking to Kansas. I try not to complain too much about it, because if he’s going on business trips, that means he has a job. But still. It wears on you.

Concentrating on the Good Things is keeping me going. Here are a few:


I mowed the lawn on Sunday. For the very first time. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. It’s a pretty gratifying task. I wish the mower had a padded handle, though. I might repurpose a pool noodle for that next time. (And I know that Father M gave a homily a few weeks back on “no unnecessary servile work” on Sundays, but I needed to do it while Hubs was around to show me how AND it had to get done before it rained on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday.)


Little Brother’s Confirmation prep meeting was last night. Hubs wasn’t around to go, so I had to cancel choir practice. BUT I didn’t have any social-anxiety issues AND I managed to convince Little Brother that they had given him a Bible because he was required to read it twice before Confirmation.

He actually believes me.

I even made up a fake “Bible reading log” and slipped it into his folder of Confirmation papers.

He’ll probably find out at school today that I made the whole thing up, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to encourage the kids to read the Bible. Why else would they give them out at the Confirmation meeting?

(It’s a nice Bible, too. Nice and big. No 0.5-point font.)


I managed to figure out why, when I sent documents to the printer, nothing would ever print. Turns out I have a “ghost printer” in the system someplace, and somehow that got set as the default. Everything prints very nicely now, thankyouverymuch.


2015-04-18 19.16.56Come on over! The pool’s open! Actually, this is not MY success. It’s all Hubs, who opened the pool on Saturday when it was 80 degrees out.

Yes, kids were in it.

Yes, I am already picking up wet beach towels in the yard, and on the porch, and in the family room. In April. In New Jersey.

It beats picking up abandoned gloves and snow boots.

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6 thoughts on “Small Success: Flying Solo (Again)

  1. I always liked cutting the grass although I haven’t done it since we’ve had children. It offers a great, visible sense of accomplishment, time to think, and some fresh air and exercise. I know my husband is looking to pass it off to our son soon, but I sort of miss it.

  2. I have never EVER cut the grass before. Hubs always did it, then the 2 Big Kids. The Kid is still a little too short for the job and I figured I could use the workout.
    Now, I only did the front (the back was covered in a pool cover and other detritus.) And it’s rained every day this week. It’s going to be a MESS back there.

  3. Congratulations on surviving another week! I’ve been there (flying solo, that is), and it can be hard and really wear on you after a while.

    And I actually would like to cut grass now that we have a riding mower, but our 16 year-old likes getting paid to do it. Go figure.

    • We don’t have enough yard to warrant a riding mower. I’d actually like to get a totally manual mower. The kids would lose their minds though. Hubs does pay the kids to mow; we just don’t have a right-sized kid at home right now to do it!
      There is more travel in the forecast. I’m waiting for the arrangements. He keeps telling me it’s the last week. And then, when the week wraps up, it isn’t. Not his fault.

  4. Bravo!! Before I knew my husband I bought a townhouse. I remember working with my realtor at the time and telling her I was not going to do a lawn, so townhouses and condos only please. That was number one priority for me. Years later when we got married I told him yard work was not my thing. 7.5 years later and I still have never mowed a lawn. LOL! Good for you for going for it!

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